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Experience and practice the power  of mindfulness to develop strength, stability, and clarity.


Birthday parties, team building, community events, and more! We tailor our programs for you and your team.


Empower yourself with the confidence and presence that comes from the ancient art of the way of the bow.

Ipalgic helps individuals and teams to overcome the challenges of efficacy, well-being, and success so they can simply BE. Ipalgic is here to provide you tools and resources to improve your relationship with yourself and others. We offer online mindfulness meditation training for individuals and groups. If you are in the San Bernardino Mountains area we offer Archery training as well. We have a mobile range so, thin about us for your next birthday party or team building event.

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Ken Goodreau
Emergency Flight Medic

"Mindfulness meditation has been a transformative practice for me. Daniel's calming effects and east demeanor have given me the ability to bring focus to the present moment and has significantly improved my mental well-being. The guided sessions provide a helpful structure making it accessible for both beginners and experienced meditators. Overall, a valuable tool for cultivating mindfulness in daily life."

Justin Hoengauer
US Army Veteran and Ganjier

"Gentle guidance from Daniel helped me navigate part of my spiritual journey. He is in tune and knew what I needed at the right time. 10/10 will be continuing to meditate with him!"

Captain John Schumer
Chino Fire Department

"I've been a first responder for over 30 years now. That along witht he challenges of life and being a single dad can become overwhelming at times. Mindfulness meditation with Daniel has been a blessing in my life. That moment in time allows for peace and silence that is hard to come by in my life. Daniel provides a chance to reconnect with mtself and others. Our time together helps set up my day and week on a peaceful note."

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