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A diverse group of archers standing around targets. They age from 5 to 39 years old. Male and female.
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Join us Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Twin Peaks Park or invite our mobile range to you and put mindfulness into practice, have fun, and boost your self-confidence with Ipalgic Archery. Private Lessons and group events available by appointment.

Rim of the World Recreation and Park District Registration 

1/2 hour - $50
1 hour - $75

Contact for rates and terms

Starts at $20 per person/hour
(minimum 4)

Certified vendor with Granite Mtn Charter

Courses aligned with CA Common Core Standards

minimum $25 charge for each mobile range set up

As a certified instructor through USA Archery and the National Archery in the Schools Program, we can help new archers get comfortable, provide opportunity for seasoned archers to grow, and coach competative archers to win. 

We have an at home range in Lake Arrowhead that allows archers to practice at distances from 15 - 75 feet (5 - 25 meters). We have NASP and 3D targets. Our mobile range is available for private lessons or parties at an additional rate provided you have the necessary space.

If you would like to be certified as an archery instructor please email Daniel Cook at

Archery is an ancient skill mastered by humans throughout history. Dating back over 70,000 years from artifacts found in Africa, and spanning most cultures and civilizations for the last 10,000 years, archery has served as a means of survival and combat for almost all of our ancestors. Unlike any other of our weapons though, the bow and arrow seamlessly transitioned into tools for recreation and personal growth. At Ipalgic, we harness the power of archery to foster decisive action and mindfulness. Through our archery and mindfulness programs, you can experience the profound benefits of this age-old practice. 

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